Since 1975, clients have returned to Bainbridge in recognition of our high quality services and dedication to client satisfaction.
These ongoing relationships have formed the core of our practice as we continue to offer customized business solutions developed by some of the brightest, most creative minds in business.

Our foundations trace back to Dr. Boulton Bainbridge Miller, a professor, consultant and respected author. In 1975, Dr. Miller established Bainbridge as a publishing and consulting arm for his research in Illinois. Over the years, a group of independent consultants and executives, including MIT professors of business and economics, a corporate attorney, investment bankers and management consultants came together to provide higher value, results-oriented business advisory services through Bainbridge. The intent was to focus on achieving client results through a unique, fact-based methodology.

Today, Bainbridge thrives as a place of learning for our team as well as our clients. We continue to hire only the highest-caliber specialists in the world.

At Bainbridge, we differentiate ourselves through our philosophy, approach and unique team. Our goal in each engagement is to partner with our clients to:

  • Craft customized solutions
  • Present an external, unbiased perspective
  • Provide strategic advisory
  • Promote continuous strategy formulation
  • Deliver actionable and measurable results
Our core values include:

Commitment to Excellence

We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service available. We recognize your need for timely assistance, so we are structured as an extension of your team to deliver results as quickly as you need them.

Client Service

Bainbridge is highly sensitive to your individual circumstances and requirements and tailors each assignment to your particular needs.


Bainbridge employs researchers, consultants, and financial analysts with excellent academic track records and with a diverse background of both academic and professional experiences. Clients benefit from our close ties with top business school professors, industry executives, and from our staff who receives rigorous, continuous training.


The importance we place on our reputation and clients’ integrity is demonstrated by our strict code of conduct. Our people and methodology are held to the highest standards to ensure you trust our results.


We perform our research, analysis, and advisory without revealing your identity or compromising your strategic mission. With Bainbridge, your confidentiality is assured.


Our overriding goal is to optimize the performance of our clients. In pursuit of that goal, we do all we can to help you identify growth opportunities and overcome barriers to success. We provide you with actionable data that enables your company to implement key ideas and strategies.
Our firm is a network of individuals and practices led not by one person, but by our entire professional group. Our principals reside internationally from California, New York, and Latin America, to Europe and Asia.
Stemming from a foundation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, our leadership team expanded and followed the principle that leadership of a professional services firm begins with the most junior employee who is client facing and in the market. From this philosophical foundation, we now have a corporate structure where the analysts lead and the senior professionals coach and mentor. This unique philosophy leads to incredible synergies and outcomes in a people-based organization.

Bainbridge leadership recognizes that we are not a corporation tied to earnings pressures, but a firm free to take a long-term perspective on issues like expansion and client service.

Leadership in the firm is not about rising above the rest, but helping others – our professionals and our clients – to exceed their own expectations.